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CO2 emission calculator Easy Sizer version 2.1.2

Easy Sizer update - CO2 emission calculator version 2.1.2

We hereby inform you that in the next few days the new version 2.1.2 of the Easy Sizer software will be released. This version provides for the implementation of a new environment in the "Actuators / Valves" section where it is possible to estimate consumption and CO2 emissions on an annual basis, for the chosen pneumatic system.

Once the indicated section has been selected and the application data has been entered, it is possible to proceed with displaying the results using the "Calculation / Verification" button:

The solutions compatible with the application will then be displayed:

Each solution will contain the new entry "Calculation CO2" :

By clicking on "Carry out the emissions calculation" you will open a new setting where it is possible to set the coefficients and the cycles. The results for the selected solution will be displayed in real time.

By clicking on the "Exit" button, the calculation will be repeated and displayed for the other solutions as well: