50 anni, 1967 - 2017

Tools for the Design of Pneumatic Circuits

Metal Work has developed its own CAD (Easy Scheme) for the design of pneumatic circuits, providing a complete library of
pneumatic symbols made according to ISO 1219.
With Easy Scheme the user designs even complex pneumatic schemes, starting from the existing symbols or creating new ones, having the chance to assign a part no. to each item in order to achive a list of components that can be ordered (part list).

To download Easy Scheme 1.5.5click here (off-line version)

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The symbols of Metal Work products are present, in the form of macro, in the Eplan Data Portal, a web service included in the EPLAN platform and accessible from EPLAN Fluid, which is a design tool for the configuration and the automated documentation of fluidic and pneumatic circuits.

You can find our symbols here